Chennai is not the Detroit of India, its way Better!

December 18, 2017
Detroit is one of the most underdeveloped states in the US! But on the other hand, Chennai is one of the most developed cities in India! Having a dozen of vehicle manufacturers is not an ample excuse to name our vibrant Chennai like that. Gateway of South India, Auto Hub of India, and Health Capital of India, and there’s one more, the city with most number of nicknames! And it doesn’t end th... Read more
December 13, 2017

Kerala: A Keyhole View of God's Own Country

There’s a reason why Vasco de Gama landed at Kerala’s port first. It was for the gold. Not the gold mined from the earth but the one grew above the earth, Black pepper. Westerners loved the stinging heat they got from biting down those black beads. It made them wander around the mysterious sea, risking their life looking for it. They even dared to wage wars for it. When the old Vasco found ...
December 12, 2017

15 Less Known Beaches in Goa

Goa Is Known as the land of Sun, Sand and the Beaches and the beaches of Goa are brimming with people from across the world who fell in love with this place. Nowadays finding a quiet spot on the beach sipping beer is a dream long lost. But before letting go of your dream take a look at the following list and see if any of them have felt your footprint recently. The chances are you haven't eve...
December 09, 2017

New Year in Goa Without Hurting Your Pocket

Another new year is almost here. Many of you might be on the fence about whether or not go to Goa for enjoying the new years eve party because Goa is most expensive in that night! Price tags in Goa will hit the roof around New year, its a known fact. But we've got a few hacks for you to escape the sprawling tentacles of high 'New year price tags' For the ones who care a lot about their weak ...
December 07, 2017

Beat the Chill: Top Winter Destinations in India

It's not too late to start planning for that awesome, winter holiday and part of the preparation should include looking at some of these destinations which are best to be visited in winter months. Here are some of our suggestions for the top Winter Destinations in India an affordable, 'less crowded' - winter holiday:   1) Ruins of Hampi in Karnataka Winter is the best time to visit Hampi. Du...
December 06, 2017

The Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Kerala

The serene backwaters of Alleppy, magnificent hills of Munnar and the vibrant culture of Cochin, might not be a ‘Gods own country’ but its definitely is treasure chest of wonders and marvels. A back water cruise through the back waters of Alleppy will ease your mind, a bike ride through the valleys and woods of Munnar will humble you and the history and culture of Kochi will poke your curious m...