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Quest Adventure, specializes in conducting outdoor adventure programs, create experiential learning programs, set up Adventure Parks across Globe that conducts Events and Tournaments, dealing in sales of all the Adventure Equipment and many more. The business specializes in customized active trips for independent clients and groups with a strong emphasis on outdoor experiences, adventures, personally hand-picked lodging and special local food along with 100% client safety.

With the vision of providing unique adventure and experience based learning programs to the valuable customers, Quest Adventures provides the services to people of all age-groups. Our programs aim at catering to a variety of customers -Corporate, Educational Institutions and individuals.

With the vision of providing unique adventure and experience based learning programs to the Valuable customers, Quest Adventures provides the services to people across age-groups.Our programs aim at catering to a variety of customers -Corporate, Educational Institutions and individuals.

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Shefeeq Raza
We had an overnight stay at Golden Palms Resort, Bangalore along with team building activities organized by Quest. Pros: The facility offered a nice stay, amenities and food The attendants from Quest were flexible and had a bunch of choices to select Staff at Quest (Divyansh Gupta and others) were responsive to our queries, transparent and fair with costing and transactions and very professional overall. Cons: When we signed up, there was little conversation around what would be included in the team building activities. We didn't realize that the package we chose would have just two attendants explaining the rules behind each activity and let us perform them for some time. There was no explanation of the objectives behind each task, guidance on how we can work as a team to arrive at a solution and debriefing with the positives and areas of improvements. Later it was explained to me that Quest has other staff at a different level of professionalism and they will engage a team with a more planned team building activity and the costing will be different as well. Therefore, for a new team availing their services, it will be better to have a conversation in advance, discuss requirements, work out costing etc. to have a more productive experience.

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Anagha Karvir
Worked With Quest for the first time with a lot o Skepticism, not knowing how the experience is going to be. The outing involved the HR and Training team who are considered experts in organizing and conducting such events themselves. Organizing an OBT for them comes with a lot of pressure and constant judging. However, to my relief the Quest team lived up to the expectations and ensured that all participated. It was a fun event and I think they did a great job.

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Bhavesh Patel
The Talent Acquisition team and HC Business partners from Head Office embarked on a journey that they assumed will be a good break from work on an otherwise busy Friday. What transpired during the course of the day was 18 of us having a whole lot of fun in getting to know each other and bonding well as a team. A Big Thanks to Aryan to keep us charged up throughout the day and the activities planned out for us was extremely meticulous and thought through. 3 Cheers for Quest Adventures and we for sure would tag up for more such events

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Priyanka Mehta
We visited Quest Adventures during the month of November, 2016. It was an amazing experience overall. We had night trekking the previous day, it was an unique experience filled with moments of scare and excitement at the same time. The campfire was one of the best highlights of the adventure which was combined with fun games and mouth watering food. The tents were good and clean. The rappelling and camping activities that happened on the next day could be easily counted as memories for lifetime which was filled with moments of fear and anxiety since most of us were doing it for the first time. Overall, it was an enjoyable trip. Special mention to Aryan for being so supportive and patient throughout the trip.

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Bhanurekha B
We at OnlyGroup Healthcare were totally geared up to be part of an exciting day at Bannerghatta Nature Camp/RD's Nature Retreat. We did get off to a rocky start (pun intended) as there was some confusion regarding the location and the driver was not aware of the exact place. However, that was only an initial hitch. We arrived at RD's Nature Retreat in time for an excellent breakfast. Considering we scribe for US doctors all night long on the computers 5-6 days a week, we needed a thorough warm-up before we could begin adventure activities. And that's exactly what AV (aka AK aka Avin Kumar) got us to do - team building activities that were interesting and super fun!! Though we would have liked some guidance from Quest during adventure activities (as some of us were doing it for the first time), we totally enjoyed it. Our suggestion is to weave the adventure activities with team building activities and have both pre-lunch and post-lunch sessions. Lunch was excellent, but we would've‚Äč enjoyed it more if there wasn't a queue. Otherwise, food was good. The highlight of the day was the Rain Dance, especially since it is summer time. We had loads and loads of fun... memories that will last for a long long time. Our next adventure will definitely be with Quest again.