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One time set-up fee Rs. 5000 Rs. 990/-

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No annual maintenance charges (AMC)

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From Leh to Andamans to Colombo, We have it all, be it treks, bike rides, sightseeing tour or watersports. Our wide range of tours and activities at the best price will enable you to offer the best to your clients.

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50+ Categories

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Special contracted B2B prices for our Agent Resellers. Book Tours and Activities at most competitive agent rates throughout India and other countries.

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Set your own prices, decide how much to charge your client. We offer you best B2B rates on every booking.

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See your bookings and earning details at any time by just login in to your Agent Reseller account.

Offer activities and tour in new destinations to our clients.


What is Agent Reseller?

Agent Reseller allows you to book from thousands of Activities (Adventure, Sightseeing, Multi-day tours, experiential holidays and much more.) across India in over 400+ destinations for your customers at most competitive B2B rates. You can mark-up and define your own margin.

How much can I earn?

You can grow your business as much as 10x or more. You get supply of thousand of tours at click of a button enabling you to expand your selling capability hundreds of times. As you have the freedom to set your margins sky is the limit. You can start selling in new tourist destinations & cities, and dozens of new categories.

Who can benefit as a Trodly Agent Reseller?

Agent Reseller is perfect solution for Travel Agents and Tour Operators, Hotels and Homestay owners, Car Rental Companies and even Travel influencers on Social Media.

I don't have a website. Can I still sign-up for Agent Reseller?

Absolutely. You do not need a website to start selling. With Trodly's massive supply of Tours & Activities, you can start selling wide array of trips immediately. After sign-up you will get instant access to the Agent Reseller Dashboard.

How much does it cost to join as Agent Reseller?

There is a onetime setup fee of Rs. 5000 which has been reduced to Rs. 990/- for limited period. There is no annual maintenance cost (AMC). Monthly fee has also been waived off for limited period.

How does it work?

Trodly's Technology does all the work in the background. From checking availability to real-time rates, sending instant confirmation and booking vouchers. We offer agents a complete service model, handling fulfillment, payments to suppliers for you, so you can be free to do more of what you do best.