Staff Pick-10 Best From

Staff Pick-10 Best From "Monsoon As You See It"

August 11, 2015

10 Best captures shared during the "Monsoon as you see it"-Instagram Contest held by Trodly. These picture come from all around India by some really amazing people. Enjoy!

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monsoon Struck by the lighting

Struck by the lighting via @itookthose (follow on Instagram)


monsoon A walk in the rain

 A walk in the rain via @shantanubhusari (follow on Instagram)



The Golden Sky monsoon

 The Golden Sky via @itookthose (follow on Instagram)


And the peacock said

 And the peacock said "let there be rain" via @ojazz (follow on Instagram) 



The great city line mumbai

The great city line via @nup_das (follow on Instagram)



Gotham City bangalore

 Gotham City via @kaustabhbh (follow on Instagram) 



Storm heading your way Goa

Storm heading your way via @gilbertkingelisa (follow on Instagram)



Surreal clouds mussoorie

Surreal clouds via @shwetap20 (follow on Instagram)



monsoon Cloud at play jodhpur

Cloud at play via @pxb70 (follow on Instagram) 



monsoon Slide down the rainbow mussoorie

Slide down the rainbow via @shwetap20 (follow on Instagram)



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