Why Join Trodly

India's Largest Online Booking and Activity Management Platform for Tours & Activities

Increase your bookings

Quick and Seamless uploading

Best Technology Solutions

Platform Designed for You


Managing & selling activities is tough. That's why we have built this dynamic platform. Just upload your activities and we take care of the rest.

We promote your products

We revise and optimize your content and take care of online marketing campaigns.

We handle complete sales cycles

We completely take care of pre-sales communication with customer. You get direct bookings.

We provide diverse tools

We provide you with tools and technology solutions that give you full control.


How can I sign up & sell my products on Trodly?

First you need to register as a partner on Trodly. After we have checked your details, we approve your account and you can start uploading your products to our dashboard. Once your products are approved, they go live and customers can start booking them.

Does it cost anything to join Trodly?

It's free to use Trodly. There are no setup fees or annual charges. You only pay a commission fee for bookings your receive. Commission rates depend upon geography and categories you offer. After sign-up, we will get in touch with to discuss commission rate.

What kind of companies and activities are suited for Trodly?

We are open to all kinds of tours and activities. Our partners include end-activity operators, tour operators, destination management companies and niche aggregators.
If you offer an interesting experience and can accept online bookings, your activities are right for Trodly.

How will I receive my payment?

You receive payment for your bookings minus the negotiated commission fees on a weekly or monthly basis. Your payment becomes due once the tour or activity is complete. Payment is released on next Wednesday after the due date. In India you can receive payments in INR only. For international partners we do payments in many global currencies.

What is the Trodly cancellation policy?

We strongly suggest you to use one of Trodly's standard cancellation policies. These policies offer full refund from 24 hours to 30 days depending upon tour duration and pricing. You can also choose to have your own custom cancellation policy added in your dashboard.

How do I upload products and manage my bookings?

Once you register and your account is approved you get access to our dashboard from where you can manage your whole business. We also have a partner mobile app which is very handy to manage bookings.