API Partnership

Give your customers access to India's largest marketplace for activities and drive revenue

Increase Ancillary Revenue

Quick and Easy API Integration

Trodly Fuels Your Growth


API integration for online businesses who wish to offer activities booking directly on their own platform

Your Own Branding

Your customers will browse activities and complete transaction on your platform.

Full Control

You get complete control on look, payments and integration of activities filtered to match your criteria.

Designed for Scale and Performance

Take control and expland capability of your website. API provides nett rates. Set your own pricing strategy.


How can I use Trodly APIs?

With Trodly APIs your developer will get access to thousands of activities across more than 500 destinations Datafeeds through its JSON APIs. These are all accessible from within the Affiliate dashboard. REST APIs are also available on request.

APIs product activity information and a way to enable booking of activities and payments on your own platform - web or mobile app. You can use product information provided through APIs to put Trodly products, photos, pricing and all other details relating to the activity on your website or application.

What is the Commercial Model here?

API provides all prices in nett rates to you. Your pricing strategy is set by you.

Can I be in any country and use your API integration?

You can be almost anywhere in the world to use Trodly API Integration. Trodly provides activities from India and a number of countries in Indo-Pacific region. Content is available in English only. We can pay commissions in USD, INR, Euro and a number of other major currencies.

Does it cost anything to join?

No, membership is free. There is no initial or ongoing membership fee for the API Integration Program. Partnership is however offered only after an approval process.

I don't have a website. Can I still be a Trodly Partner?

You are welcome to register a future website for development purposes. However, the API Integration is designed to work with websites and applications only

Probably a better option for you is to use Trodly Whitelabel solution.

How can I check my earnings?

You can check all sales through you and your earnings in our affiliate dashboard. In addition, reports are sent to you via email on a weekly or monthly basis. You can estimate your commission based on your commission rate.