best cafes in south delhi

The Best Cafes in South Delhi

  If you’ve ever survived the traffic of Delhi, you’d realize why so many food joints are sprouting at every corner. Gastronomy has rekindled the relationship of modern cafe-hoppers and their love for creative cuisine. Unlike small, crowded and uncomfortable ambience of Old Delhi cuisine, new cafes are embracing the art of luxurious food-fare. Pleasant music, themed decor, quirky menus Read More

Best Restaurants in Kolkata

The 15 Best Restaurants in Kolkata

Bengalis are typically known as “mache-bhaate-bangali”. Here mach refers to fish and bhaat means steamed rice in Bengali language. Regular Bengali food follows a traditional meal that served in a specific order. They start with sukto a bitter preparation followed by saak a leafy vegetable, daal (pulses), some other vegetable preparation, fish/egg/meat curry, chutney a sweet or sour sauce like Read More