Best Restaurants in Kolkata

The 15 Best Restaurants in Kolkata

Bengalis are typically known as “mache-bhaate-bangali”. Here mach refers to fish and bhaat means steamed rice in Bengali language. Regular Bengali food follows a traditional meal that served in a specific order. They start with sukto a bitter preparation followed by saak a leafy vegetable, daal (pulses), some other vegetable preparation, fish/egg/meat curry, chutney a sweet or sour sauce like preparation no it’s not the end!! There’s more to it. Bengali meals provides traditional sandesh, famous roshogolla, Misti doi for a sweet tooth after the whole meal. In this post find our top recommendations for the best restaurants in Kolkata.

Many have a concept that Bengali cuisine means only fish and roshogolla. No that’s not Bengali cuisine. Bengali cuisine unfolds many different veg and non veg mouth satisfying food you haven’t heard before for sure. There’s one restaurants that serves Bengali fusion food which will definitely change your mind about bongs and their food habit, but if you want to taste authentic traditional Bengali fish and Misti like a real bong, that door is also open.


1) 6 Ballygunj Place

6 Ballygunj place is another place for authentic traditional Bengali cuisine hoggers. It is also known for it’s quirky Bengali styled interior, apart from great food. Meal for two costs 1000 rupees, they offers veg and non veg buffet which is very pocket friendly and fulfilling to your taste buds too.


2) Bhojohori Manna

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Bhojohori Manna

Bhojohori is one of the finest restaurant that serves traditional Bengali food. In Bengali culture bhojohori is one fictional character who cooks delicious food so that’s where the name came from. It has 11 outlets in Kolkata and offers iconic dishes like Daab chingri (coconut prawns), Mochar ghghonto (banana flower preparation), Chicken daak banglow, Mutton kosha and Bhetki bhapa (steamed bhetki fish).


3) Why Not

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Why Not Kolkata

Why not is a cafe popular among the youngsters of Kolkata specially college goers. This place has pub vibes which serves great pork chops and smoothies, chelo kebab and amazing steaks. Located in the heart of South Calcutta, gariahaat. Try their watermelon mojito for a better refreshing day.


4) Arsalan

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Arsalan

Are you a admirer of aloo ? And biriyani is your comfort food? I caught you nodding yes to both. I bet Kolkata biriyani is going to be your favorite biriyani if not tried yet. When the Mughals came to Kolkata along with their khansamas any had difficulties with meat they thought of adding vegetables to it, that is how Kolkata biriyani got aloo in it and we found new love.

Arsalan is one of the legendary restaurant to try Kolkata biriyani from. This place is favorite of many celebrities from all over the world. Tourists visits this place whenever they come to Kolkata.


5) Oudh 1590

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Oudh 1590 Restaurant-kolkata

The new bee of biriyani is oudh 1590. This place has a historical touch in it’s décor and serves varieties of biriyani and Mughal cuisine. Raan biriyani and gelauti kebab is a must try while visiting. Pocket pinch for two people costs 1200 rupees.


6) Peter cat

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Peter Cat Kolkata-kebab

Park Street is known for it’s bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes and all party lovers favorite thing. Peter cat is located at Park street and one of the iconic and oldest restaurant bar in Kolkata. This place is famous for it’s chelo kebab and great cocktails to make your weekends right. Peter Cat has been one of the most popular restaurants in Kolkata since few decades and hasn’t lost it charm or favor with the modern crowds.



7) Mocambo

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Mocambo Kolkata

Mocambo is also located at Park street, it has a very simple yet posh interior, famous for it’s grills and steaks. Each and every dish is iconic and very delicious. Try their crab preparations if you love seafood and prefer spicy food.


8) Marco Polo

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Marco Polo

Marco Polo is has a very diverse menu serving Continental, Chinese, north Indian food. Each of the item is very authentic. Has a classic interior, stuffs are really warm and courteous. This place serves international and domestic liquor to set your brooze.


9) Blue and Beyond

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Blue and Beyond

Kolkata doesn’t offer much rooftop restaurants due to the weather condition. Blue and beyond is one of the rooftop bar cum restaurant which has magnificent view of esplanade area. It fall in the romantic dine category also for it’s calm and pleasant décor. It is very easy locating, situated middle of new market. Serves great seafood, continent and Chinese food also offers both international and domestic spirit to witness spectacular view along with your favorite liquor in your hand.


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10) What’s Up Café

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Whats-up Kolkata

What’s up café is very popular among the youth, it is also a rooftop restaurant which serves hookah if you are a fan of it. Great view of South Kolkata since it’s located at southern avenue, a southern part of Kolkata. Must try their variety of pizza and pasta menu.


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11) Level Seven

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Level Seven

Level seven is a newly opened rooftop lounge that has spectacular view of MAA flyover and EM bypass area. Offers drinks and hookah both, and this place is famous for their food presentation. The rooftop area has a quirky interior touch to it, perfect for Instagram snaps.


12) Pa Pa Ya

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Pa Pa Ya

Pa pa ya is a fine dinning restaurant that serves Thai, Asian, Chinese, Japanese food with magnificent presentation. Perfect for your Sunday brunches with your squad or clients. Situated in the heart of the city, park Street. This place has a versatile menu and plenty of liquor options to choose from.



13) Dum Phukt

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Dum Phukt

When it comes to ITC sonar Dum Phukt there’s no doubt about the food and ambiance. This fine dinning luxurious restaurant is perfect for any occasion and reason. Serves great food, courteous and friendly staff to assist you with your doubts and queries. Try their Dum Phukt special biriyani for once.


14) Vintage Asia

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Vintage Asia

Another fine dinning restaurant of Kolkata is Vintage Asia by JW Marriott. There’s no doubt when you heard the name of Marriott. Friendly staff, great food, great ambiance everything you need for your special occasion. This place serves Thai, Asian and Chinese food with great presentation.


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15) Peshwari

Best Restaurants in Kolkata - Peshawari

Peshwari is also by ITC sonar located near science city area of Kolkata. This place is for north Indian cravings, daal burkhara, non veg platter, murg kurchan these are the famous try of this fine dinning restaurant. Their faluda is another famous desert for sweet tooth lovers.

By Sriparna Baidya

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