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World India West Bengal Kolkata
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India West Bengal Kolkata

About Kolkata

Kolkata (earlier known as Calcutta) is the capital of West Bengal and a major hub of East India. At one time Kolkata was the British capital in India and therby had been greatly influenced by it. British style lamp posts and the yellow ambassador taxis that throng the streets are evidence to this. The city was also home to Mother Teresa who did a great deal of work with the city’s poor inhabitants. As well as sightseeing, there are several activities to choose from in Kolkata. A sightseeing tour of the city with West Bengal tourism is a good option, golf at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, or yoga and meditation at Aurobindo Bhawan.

There are plenty of places to visit in Kolkata. Try the New Market (Hogg’s Market) to search for bargains, or the Dakshinapan Shopping Center to look for tea, handicrafts and artifacts. Bengali food has a unique flavor, often including mustard oil in the cooking process.

Eating on the streets can be an adventure in itself. Parathas, dosas and samosas are abound. Kolkata is famous for puchkas, a spiced potato fried inside bread and flavored with tamarind water. Kolkata is famous for its coffee houses. The Indian Coffee house is a classic establishment. Adventurous travelers can also visit the Kali Temple. Here, goats and sheeps are still sacrificed to the goddess. The region of Bengal has a rich tradition of literature, as visitors to the library may note. The Baul tradition is the name given to Bengal’s tradition of folk music. Bengal has produced many modern artists such as Ganesh Pyne.

The airport supports national and international flights. Taxi fares to the center of the city from the airport are between 150 to 300 rupees. Kolkata has multiple train stations. Many trains stop in adjoining Howrah, from where connecting transports such as taxis links to the rest of Kolkata. Bus services from Kolkata link the city to Bangladesh.

Be careful of your property in Kolkata because it is a big city. Watch out for traffic. When eating from the streets, try out some foods available at busy stalls where the food will be fresh.


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Kolkata is a foodie's paradise. You must not miss the Bengali sweets, Roshogolla, Shondhesh, etc. and the Hilsa (a fish).
Taste the delicious Bengali cuisine consisting of rasagullas, fish cooked in local style and other yummy desserts.