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World India West Bengal Kolkata Armenian Church, Kolkata
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India West Bengal Armenian Church, Kolkata


The Armenian Church of the Holy Nazareth is extremely beautiful. Situated in Burrabazar, this church is a treat for everybody who loves the past, art, Christian Mythology or simply beautiful sights. Built by Nazar Ago in 1724 the present church is a replacement for one that stood earlier. It was designed by a Persian man called Hevond. Some designer he must have been because his creation is very hard to forget. The church interior was done by  lady named Catchick Arakiel.  A monastery was built for the priests and a clock put up on the belfry.  What will remain with you forever is the plush marble interior of the church. There's a magnificent gallery of inset frescoes and paintings. The alter has a cross, a Gospel text, 12 candlestick that represent Christ's 12 disciples and three wonderful paintings by AE Harris. These would be the 'Holy Trinity', the 'Last Supper' and 'The Enshrouding of Our Lord'. The graveyard in the church vicinity is quite interesting. It fills the heart with both pain and pleasure to see the grief of loss that people have had to endure and the powerful memories of love that have stood the test of time and still exist as a testimony to deep relationships. This church is a must see because it leaves a part of you feel lighter. You feel the presence of life beyond death and God beyond our understanding. 

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