FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trodly?

Trodly is a one stop travel guide, built lean to save your time.
Our mission is to become ‘THE’ place to go to for any travel planning and save users hours and hours of effort.

What Makes trodly special?

TRODLY was born out of the long-standing problem of unreliable and irrelevant travel content & need to de-clutter and de-fragment the travel related information and provide it in the most abridged manner with a clean and consistent layout. trodly invites you get inspired by destinations and attractions that you otherwise might never have discovered.

Do you sell flights?


Do you sell hotels and other services?

Currently No. But in very soon you will be able to.

How do you generate content about destinations?

Trodly has inhouse travel experts who do research & evaluate every destination & attractions before it gets listed on Trodly. Help us correct erroneous information by emailing us at info@trodly.com.

How much does it cost to use Trodly?

Trodly is free to use for all cutomers so please take advantage of our website to help inspire your travel plans.

Get trip inspirations, offers and more.

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