FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Hosts

How it help Hosts

Why should I use Trodly?

Trodly makes it easy and hassle-free for you to start selling taking online bookings. From our list of curated activities and tours, users can book experiences without worrying about safety or quality. Operators with a passion to share, you can now do so even more easily and reach a greater audience. Trodly gives you a great online visibility.

How does Trodly work?

Trodly is a website where operators can list interesting activities and tours relevant to the destination. Trek to offbeat locations with a local guide, learn to bake a cake with a chef or spend a day exploring heritage locations. Customers looking for things to do at their target destination can easily find and book such experiences.

Joining as a host

Who can list an experience on Trodly?

Anyone with a unique experience to offer. Trodly and its community welcomes both businesses and individuals. Just sign up and get started!

How much it costs?

It's free to list! There is no cost in listing on our site. Simple provide the net retail price (the amount you would like to receive for the activity) when you list!

What experiences can I list? What type of activities can I offer?

We support all types of day tours, packages and activities. The more unique yours is, the better.

How do I upload a listing?

Creating a listing is easy. Once you have signed up as a partner, you can add your listings in the dashboard. Use good quality images to make a great impression on prospective customer. Upload as many experiences as you can!

Do you support seasonal pricing and availability?

No. We are working on it. But you can edit price as and when you wish for your listings, as well as edit the availability.

What if I need to change the time or date of a booking?

We discourage vendor changing times. But still if you or a customer needs to change the time or date then you should do so directly with one another by email/SMS and phone call.

What content do I need when I set up a new experience on the site?

Instructions are clearly specified in the .add activity. page. But here are a couple of things that are really important:
Experience description: Write it like your telling one of your friends about it! We want fun, casual, authentic descriptions!
Photos: You need AWESOME photos of:
  • A real person! The person or people who take Adventure Hunters on the experience.
  • High quality photos that sell the place/experience.

Can I edit an experience after I.ve uploaded it?

You sure can! Simply login and go to your dashboard to edit the experiences you.ve curated.

What type of operator/experience is wanted?

We are looking for authentic travel and fun experiences. Trodly decide which operators and which experiences go on the website. Also, all content requires Trodly and operator approval before it goes live on the website.

How do I price my experience?

The price entered must be the regular retail price. For example, if you charge someone off the street Rs. 1000, then we charge them Rs. 1000 at Trodly.com. We actually encourage you to charge even lesser than your street price as you are getting the benefit of confirmed advanced booking.

What happens after adding a new activity/experience?

Once an experience has been added, it must be approved by the Trodly team. Until it has been approved, the experience will appear in your dashboard only.

Managing Bookings

How do I manage bookings?

You can manage booking using your dashboard.

How will I know when someone has booked?

When a customer books an experience you will receive a message on your email account and/or an SMS notification to your mobile phone. We will notify you of new bookings on your dashboard as well.

Can I cancel a booking?

We do not encourage this. Under unavoidable circumstances if it needs to be done, you will need to contact customer directly to cancel as soon as possible. Please also notify us: contact@trodly.com.
Trodly charges small handling fees to take care of refunds in such cases.

How do I get paid?

You can receive payments by bank transfer. You can easily edit these details in your account. You can receive payments every week.

Who sees your offers? Who are your travelers?

Leisure, family and travelers looking for unique experiences; our travelers are looking to meet new people and try new things to do.

Where do my listings appear?

Your listings will be published on our website and social media channels. A mobile app is also under development.

For any query please email us at contact @ trodly.com .

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