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World India Maharashtra Mumbai
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India Maharashtra Mumbai

About Mumbai

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is undoubtedly India’s commercial and entertainment capital. Bollywood, fashion, skyscrapers, traffic that never seems to stop and delicious street food that purists say you can never find anywhere else, that is Mumbai for you.

Mumbai is a bustling, energetic metropolis and every area in the city has a flavor of its own. South Mumbai with its posh neighborhood and upscale bars, restaurants and museums draws hundreds of tourists. South Central Mumbai has Worli sea face and several offices, West Mumbai suburbs are popular upper middle class residential areas, North Central Mumbai has Dharavi, Asia’s second largest slum, East and North Mumbai neighborhoods have developed rapidly over past few years as a result of the vast urban sprawl. Mumbai has the Gateway of India monument and a visit to this city is in many ways an introductory lesson to the mind-boggling diversity that India has to offer to its visitors. 

You’ll find a multiplicity of transportations, accommodation and everything else in this mega-hub. A traveler looking to visit should aim to spend at least 4-8 days taking in all the sights. There are many tours. The cities rich history has a lot to offer. If you’re after finding out how India developed into the largest democracy in the world, Mumbai is where you want to start from.

If you are looking for weekend getaways from Mumbai, then you will be spoilt for options. The shopping opportunities are numerous, with Chor Bazaar, Mutton St. The shops in the World Trade Center in Cuffe Parade stock imports from the whole of the world, a lot of trade is done here in the goods which originate from India for export to the continent.

Mumbai is home to the best restaurants and eateries, as you’d expect. Prices are low, and picking up a fabulous 3 course meal at one of the top hotels should not be something out of the price range of the mid-range international traveler. You can find some great eateries around the Colaba Causeway. The Hotel Taj Mahal comes highly recommended for its buffet.

Hand in hand with the wealth and opulence lies Mumbai degradation and slums. Rather than let them be a sore on the city’s reputation, the slums are award winning tourist attractions. Not that they aren’t dirty, disgusting place to live, that the innovation of Mumbai’s turned them from something of an ugly duckling to a golden goose. Photographs are not allowed here. It’s interesting and attractive. If you look at it in the right way.

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