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World India Maharashtra Khandala
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India Maharashtra Khandala

About Khandala

Khandala, a famous hill station in the Western ghats and a popular weekend getaway from both Mumbia and Pune, the lushly set Khandala lies at the top of Bhor Ghat, a major ghat. The town has existed in some form for centuries, but was brought to popularity with the arrival of the railways which was in 1849. The railway construction gained some recognition for the Khandala tunnel , refered to for its feat in the papers published by chief engineer Sir James Berkley. Khandala ghat section offers a scenic drive especially in Monsoon season.

There’re a number of places to stay, and due to the regular visitors from the city, they tend to be well developed. Great deals are in store during off peak, so better check the rates out. There are many restaurants to eat around the town. The region's speciality is the mint vada paos and freshly roasted corn which can be picked up from the local street traders. These are very delicious and awesome delights.

The main attractions in Khandala Sightseeing options are based around it’s setting. One of the major ghats are high. It offers an easily accessible starting point for many walks. Excursions come from the water features in the locality. The town also existed on a main trading route which offers some history by way of a Fort, the railway Khandala station and the Xavier college.


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