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World India Maharashtra Satara
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India Maharashtra Satara

About Satara

Satara district is an impressive amalgamation of culture, places and promising infrastructure. An already well established tourist region Satara district is an abode to the best hill stations, mesmerizing rivers, waterfalls and lakes, historical forts and elegant shrines, natural habitats and recreational activities. Over the past years it has managed to successfully provide a platform to small townships and villages to flourish in the tourism sector. Even the most remote areas of the district have something remarkable to offer. With a population of 2.8 million people, Satara comes across a major player in Maharastra Tourism.

Satara City (seven hills surrounding the city, Ajinkyatara, Sajjangad, Yawateshwar, Jarandeshwar, Nakdicha Dongar, Kitlicha Dongar, and Pedhyacha Bhairoba) has charmed the travelers across the country with their Kandhi Pedhe. But this is not just something that the former Maratha Empire capital has to offer. The city is a thriving victor like its emperors and kings. It is located near the stirring confluence of River Krishna and Venna. Also Satara’s Kaas Plateau has gained international recognition from the UNSECO as a World Heritage Site. The fact that this land has experienced and sheltered people from almost all kinds of ethnicities is something to be proud of.  Satara truly is a blend of regal magnificence, traditional customs and breath-taking surroundings.

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