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World India Maharashtra Alibaug
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India Maharashtra Alibaug

About Alibaug

Alibaug (Alibag), a coastal town in Maharashtra, India is outlines with a vast number of beaches and has summers that are in comparison much cooler and a monsoon that seems to enhance its beauty making it an ideal place to visit all the ought the year.

Alibaug is a 17th century maritime town brought into being by the revered Maratha warrior, King Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaja’s valiant naval chief Sarkhel Kanhoji. Interesting enough, Sarkhel Kanhoji is said to have introduced the “Alibagi rupaiyya," a silver coin during his reign.

Alibaug is outlined by a vast number of beaches with calming waves and its calmness and rather still life make the town a perfect vacation spot. A display of countless shades of green and a vast streak of blue ocean that spreads across the town and its countless hotels and accommodations in close proximity to the beach make alibaug a great abode for relaxation. In its vicinity also lies Kanakeshwar, an old temple of Lord Shiva and various other temples on small hills that can be visited by tourists. Another attraction is the Kolaba Fort, an old military fortification situated in the sea at a distance of 1–2 km from the shores of Alibaug.

Alibaug is famous for its clear water, shimmering white and black sand beaches lined with palm trees, and an exotic variety of local seafood. It has sea waters its three sides. The town lies in the Konkan belt and exudes the Maratha culture. This culture is distinctively shown among the inhabitants' ethnicity, language, attire and food. Alibaug has many marine forts that echo the historical stories of Maratha valour. The mango, cheekoo orchards and the lush green dancing paddy fields make this place an ideal recreation for tourists offering them a visual treat and a sumptuous festive for the taste buds.
So schedule your next trip to Alibaug to get a taste of the town's calming and blissful atmosphere.

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