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World India Maharashtra Lavasa
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India Maharashtra Lavasa

About Lavasa

Lavasa is India’s one of kind, planned town near the city of Pune. The town is a perfect amalgamation of nature, inventive infrastructure and latest technology. The city is constructed using modern urban planning principles to ensure a comfortable; less tedious and low stress city life. Several high end hotels and resorts have opened up in Lavasa, and a lot of people from Pune travel to Lavasa for a weekend getaway.

Lavasa is being promoted as the next hot hill station with a myriad of recreational activities for tourists. One can plan a weekend here with ease as it is accessible for the cities of Mumbai and Pune. This 25000 acre expanse is an affordable getaway for spending a fun filled time with family and friends without compromising with one’s work schedule. Tourists can enjoy by entertaining themselves with adventure sports, indoor golf, country clubs, water parks and game arcades.

Lavasa also holds a number of events throughout the year, which attracts plenty of people relating to fitness, sports, festivals, brands and social awareness. So the possibility of one being bored is absolutely impossible. Since the hill station is nestled in mountain valleys the climate remains to be pleasant throughout the year. So this is Lavasa, from budget to luxury, from fun to extravagance, whoever you are Lavasa has a plan for all. So the next time you happen to be in Pune or Mumbai or anywhere else in Maharashtra, business or pleasure, don’t forget to GET OUTSIDE and let the magic of Lavasa consume you.

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