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Thane, the city located at the head of Thane Creek, is an important district of Maharashtra. You can see a cosmopolitan culture in Thane like in Mumbai. The first railway service was operated between Mumbai and Thane on 16th April 1835. Thane city is well wrapped up by most verdant hills like Yeur Hill and Parsik hill. Entire Thane city is divided into two portions by Thane creek which flows from Ulhas River and ends up in Arabian Sea. These two portions are linked up by two road bridges and a railway bridge across the creek. The history of Thane dates back to 2000 years and thus making it one of the oldest city of India. Housing nearly 35 lakes, Thane is also termed as “City of Lakes”. Most popular among them are Masunda Talao and Upvan Lake. All these lakes are perfect place for family picnics.

Besides having Agri and Koli communities of people, Thane also inhabits nominal amount of Roman Catholics and High end Eastern Community people speaking Portuguese. As per historical facts, Thane had been mentioned in Greek Scriptures as “Chersonesus” by a geographer named “Ptolemy”.  Copper plates and slabs belonging to middle age were excavated in 17th century from a fort in Thane. From historical data, the conversion into Christianism boomed in Thane well before Portuguese landed in Thane some 200 years ago. A Synagogue in Synagogue Street of Thane has been considered as heritage site of India. Thane was ruled by various rulers like Sultanate of Cambay, Marathas, Portuguese, Peshwas, and British Raj etc. Diwali, Shivaji Jayanthi, Gokulasthami, Christmas etc are few festivals celebrated in Thane in grandeur.

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