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World India Daman And Diu Daman
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India Daman And Diu Daman

About Daman

Daman is also commonly known as Damao. Daman is a small island, which is nestled between Maharashtra, Gujarat and the gigantic Arabian Sea.  A Portuguese Captain Diogo de Mello, while on his way to Ormuz had discovered this union territory; he had met with a tornado and accidentally landed up at the Daman coast. The small island has been made up by multicultural influences and this is because of the fact that a number of rulers had ruled this territory. The Portuguese had acquired the island from the Shah of Gujarat and had ruled this small island until 1961. After this, the island came under the colonial rule and on 18 December 1961, the Operation Vijaya annexed and occupied the Territory of Indian Union.

The island offers a celestial experience to the travelers looking for some peace and relaxation. You can relax and enjoy the beautiful environment by lying down on the silvery white sands on the heavenly beach surrounded by the palm trees.

The territory draws many history enthusiasts to the island due to its Portuguese influence. Along with the many tourist attractions, the island offers a unique shopping experience to the Shopaholics. You can buy the local made handicrafts, bamboo and leather products from the island as a memorabilia. The Nariyal Poornima festival is celebrated around September marking the commencement of fishing season. Large numbers of people from all over the Konkan region come here to offer coconut to the gods. The festival is celebrated with boat races, swimming events, water games and cultural shows.

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