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Vadodara or Baroda, about 110 KMs from Ahmedabad, is located on the banks of Vishwamitri River. It is the third largest city in Gujarat and is considered as the culture capital of Gujarat. With its rich and varied cultural history, it is truly a city worth exploring for someone who's keen on history. Vadodara is known to have the most vibrant Navratri celebrations, where the whole city comes alive to sway on the beat of drums to perform the traditional garba folk dance.

Maharaja Sayajirao University in Baroda, largest in Gujarat, is considered as one of the best universities in India. Vadodara has several industries and attracts people from all over India to make it their home, which makes it a truly cosmopolitan city. There are lots of historical monuments, including palaces and museums for history lovers and people of all things culture. To admire the artworks of the vividly illustrated Bhagawat Gita take time to visit the Kirti Mandir mausoleum.

The city also offers luxurious spas and a challenging 10-hole golf course to add a streak of extravagance to your trip. Within the city limits is 'Ajwa Garden' a fountain garden which is ideal to visit during the night for striking displays of light. Surely a trip to Gujarat is incomplete without a taste of local cuisine that is available almost anywhere from lush restaurants to street shops with regional cooking styles and sweets to savor every bite you take. The city is also home to numerous temples and religious sites. Vadodara a place unique as it is harbors a culture where the enduring vivacity and elegance can only be seen by those who experience it. The nine day festival 'Navaratri' is celebrated with intense festive spirit and gives one a clear-cut reason why Vadodara is referred to as the 'Cultural capital'.

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