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World India Gujarat Gandhinagar
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India Gujarat Gandhinagar

About Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar, the state capital of Gujarat is situated on the banks of Sabarmati River and is India’s 2nd planned city after Chandigarh. In the year 2013 Gandinagar was recognized as the greenest and cleanest capital in India. The proper planning of the city along with its well-maintained broad roads, 24*7 uninterrupted electricity and water facility make it one of the best places in India. The city witnesses mainly three seasons -dry summer, comfortable monsoon and pleasant winters.

Gujarat as a state is very famous for its rich culture, cuisines, festivities, tradition and their beautiful attires.  By being there in this place one can surely experience everything that one associates with Gujarati’s. The Navrathri celebrations ( 9-day celebration )during the month of October is the best time one should visit this beautiful city , as during this time one can enjoy in their festive mood , wearing their traditional Ghagra and doing some Gharba along with them. The variety of Bandhani saris and other wears which are available at reasonable rates make shopping an enjoyable experience here.  As we all know that Gujarati’s are among the ones who are very well known for their very delicious cuisines, make sure one does not forget to taste some of their delicacies namely – Dhokla, Patra, Bakarwadi, Kulfi, Shrikhand, Nylon Kamman, Dabeli, vada pav, soya chips, aloo tikki, undayu and a huge variety of sweets that would not let you take your hands off it.

Places one must surely visit here are – Akshardham Temple, Mahatma Mandir, Children’s park, Vithal bai Patel bhavan, Craftsmen’s village, Sarita Udyaan, Trimandir, Puneet van and many more places located in the city. Unlike other cities in our country one needs to seriously lookout for a non-vegetarian restaurant. Famous events of this place are – vibrant Gujarat which is a biennial investors summit organized in the city and the Sanskriti Kunj  festival organized during the month of February and the Gujarat art festival which is a 4- 5 days long fest which showcases their art and cultural performances once in a year. The best time to visit this place is during October to January. Their rich culture, numerous festivities, delicious cuisines, beauty of the city, tourist destinations and the warm welcome by the locals would mostly compel one to extend their holiday plans over here instead of going anywhere else  Delaying trip to this place is hard ? So why do it? Book your tickets, pack your bags and be here with your loved ones. Enjoy the experience of being in a place that is culturally, traditionally, historically and industrially a very significant place.

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