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Mount Abu , Rajasthan

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For centuries, Mount Abu has served as a retreat from the heat. Maharajas, British officials, and anyone who could would come here to rest in the summer months. Mount Abu is a place of peace, or retreat. It’s no surprise that the best activities here are leisurely. If you’re tired from travel, why not spend the days reading by the lake, sipping lattes in cafes, maybe going out on a boat or trekking up to sunset point. For those that want to sightsee, there are sights to see, a fort, temples, and a wildlife sanctuary.

Travelers looking for more activities in Mount Abu can try the archeological museum.  Several items at the museum date back to around the eighth century AD. Being the only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu’s green scenery provides a contrast to the heated red and amber hues of the Rajastani landscape. Be careful when walking in the hills, stick to the paths and allow enough time to return home before dark. Those trekking or visiting the wildlife sanctuary can employ a guide for greater safety.

Try some of the ice cream being sold around Nakki Lake, or simply stroll the rows of restaurants waiting for a smell or menu item to catch your taste buds. For shopping, head to Nikki Lake Market. There is an array of leather items as well as many Rajastani handicrafts. There are no trains here, but you can catch the train to Abu Road, from where you can find a bus or taxi. For a direct connection, get the tourist bus from Jaipur (475 km), Udaipur (185 km), Delhi (711 km) or Jaisalmer (620 km).

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