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World India Rajasthan Udaipur
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India Rajasthan Udaipur

About Udaipur

Udaipur, the “City of Lakes” is located in Rajasthan state of Western India. Once, this elegant city was ruled by Mewar Clan. After Independence, the city was clamped with Rajasthan State.  Due to enormous beautiful Lakes sprawl in and around the city, it is also mentioned as “Venice of East”. Udaipur has privileged cultural and natural heritages. The people around here have the vanity impregnated in them for being under the rule of Mewar, the oldest Kingdom of India. Sprawling lakes and sumptuous Aravali Hill range bestow the city with a picturesque ambience.  Udaipur is one of the favorite marriage destinations for many Indian celebrities.

Its no secret and looking at our Udaipur travel guide you can guess, the forts and palaces are the major attractions in Udaipur. Their reflections in the lakes like Pichola Lake and Fatehpur Sagar Lake are awe striking sights in Udaipur. Marvelously laid out gardens, Museums, Jag Mandir and Jagdish Temple are other few places worth visiting. Local buses, tongas and taxis can be opted to visit all the sightseeing spots in Udaipur. Forts and Palaces with a regal touch are now converted as lavish hotels and resorts. Budget hotels are also available in this city. Lots of eateries and restaurants are available here. The city is renowned for serving the royal monarch.  Tourists must taste the lip smacking Udaipur cuisine (strictly vegetarian), in spite of opting for inter continental cuisines available in Udaipur. Ambrai Restaurant near Pichola Lake, Natraj and Bawarchi restaurants are the few notable eateries here.  

Shopping in Udaipur is one such colorful experience during the trip. There are enormous stalls which line up the neatly laid out lanes in the city. The main bazaar stretches right from City Palace to Clock tower through the Jagdish temple. The best known market places are Suraj Pol, Ashwini market, Bapu Bazaar and Chetak. Udaipur’s miniature paintings and Pichhwai paintings, which are drawn on cloth or silk, can be best souvenir to be bagged. Puppets and wooden toys, silver jewelry and items, hand crafted colorful textiles, embroidered bags and shoes, block-printed fabrics are some of the items can be purchased for our near and dear ones.

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