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World India Rajasthan Chittorgarh
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India Rajasthan Chittorgarh

About Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh or Chittaurgarh has been significant in the history of valor, sacrifice, justice as well as tenacity. Through Rani Padmini who performed self immolation to save the pride of her clan or Meera Bai who showed high levels of spirituality and dedication to Lord Krishna, Chittorgarh is abundant with such historic and cultural associations. Chittorgarh is very close to the Rajput clan as the fort of Chittorgarh had been their saviour since time immemorial. To commemorate their respect and love for this land, every year a “Jauhar Mela” is organized at Chittaurgarh.

Chittorgarh has evolved over years. The rich heritage of this city was inherited from the royalties of the land. Chitrangada Mori of the Mauryan clan built this city. Its cultural richness was passed on to Rani Padmini who valued her ethics with so much dedication that she preferred to commit a “Jauhar” than to be a queen of another man. Jauhar is an act of voluntary self immolation and is looked upon with pride as comparison to “Sati”.

Other great personalities who added to the cultural significance of Chittorgarh are Meera Bai and Maharana Pratap. Meera Bai was an exemplary epitome of devotion to Lord Krishna. Maharana Pratap showed high level of commitment in fighting to rightfully return the Chittorgarh fort from Akbar. Such famous personalities of Chittorgarh has made Chittorgarh famous in India as a land of strength and devotion (Shakti aur Bhakti ki nagri).

The city is well connected by road and rail. Take a stop over the Palace on Wheels. t is recommended to take this awesome journey by the train from Delhi. Otherwise drive down by road that is also a worthwhile experience.

Summers can be really warm due to Chittorgarh proximity to the deserts, thus, it is better to plan your trips during the winters. It would surely be a pleasant journey to experience the grandeur of the fort, palaces and the temples in Chittorgarh.

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