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Historical, City, Pilgrimage
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Hindi, Rajasthani, English.
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11 km from Pushkar bordered by the craggy Aravalli ranges, Ajmer is a jam-packed city in the state of Rajasthan. The divine shrine of Moinuddin Chishti, Ajmer Dargah, makes it one of India's most sacred Islamic destinations. Adhai-din-ka-Jhonpra, an age-old mosque, which is now in ruins, is quite near to the shrine. The city also owns two artistic artificial lakes, Anasagar and Foysagar. Apart from Islam, Ajmer endorses the Jain culture with breathtaking temples like Soniji Ki Nasiyan and Nareli Jain Temple.

Ajmer used to be the base of the Chauhan Empire from the eleventh to fourteenth century. Viewing the Dargar Sharif and making the journey out to Pushkar are one of the essential activities when you are in Ajmer. You can rent a bicycle and explore independently. You can as well ride a boat on Ana Sangar which is fun.

Ajmer is a good place to shop for Rajasthani fabrics, while chomping on samosas or local Rajastani delicacies. This whole area is full of colorful costumes, sweeping deserts, unique music and food with a Mughal influence and a flavor all of its own. Make your experience with Ajmer a precious memory to ponder.

It is best to visit Ajmer during the months of October to February because of the pleasant temperature, making it perfect for sightseeing. Summer months are extremely hot and tiring whereas Monsoons are never much active. Those who are collecting air miles can fly into Jaipur and take the train from there. There are regular buses to and from Jaipur.

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