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World India Rajasthan Jodhpur
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India Rajasthan Jodhpur

About Jodhpur

Part of the Golden Triangle, Jodhpur is a must see destination for many tourists in India. Not surprising then, it is easy to reach. The most common method is through the train from Delhi or Agra. There are also many tourist buses. The nearest airport is in Jaipur.

Jodhpur has a colorful history full of Mughal kings and Rajput warriors. After Indian independence, the city became the second largest city in Rajasthan. Activities abound in Jodhpur. Many tourists take jeep safaris to nearby villages. It is a great way to see the local Bishnoi tribes. There are many other activities too. Zip-lining around the Mehranghar fort combines culture and adventure sports.

A trip to Mandore passes both the Mahaminder Temple and the Balsamand Lake Garden. In the hot weather, don’t forget to try a Makhaniya Lassi. This yoghurt drink contains cashews, pistachios and almonds. Jodhpur is also a good place to look for antiques and footwear. Try the Tripolia Bazaar for handicrafts and textiles. If you can, try to find the well-reviewed Spice Paradise. This shop not only sells spices but also has cooking lessons. For an alternative adventure, The Desert Museum of Rajasthan offers a different perspective on local life.

Jodhpur is close to many Bishnoi villages. Bishnoi culture is very respectful to the plants and animals in the local environment. As this is one of the most visited destinations in India, there are some merchants specifically targeting tourists. As with elsewhere, be careful what you buy, but don’t forget to be friendly with the locals. There may also be some pickpockets in busy areas, so watch on your pockets and bags carefully.

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Rajasthan International Folk Festival happens every October at Mehrangarh Fort. Details can be found here,
Aditya Malkhat
Dec 21, 2015
nameste sir if u want to see beautiful and peaceful place so pls have visit one time jaisalmer very famous for big desert festival coming this februar
I like it
Aditya Malkhat
Dec 21, 2015
jodhpur call blue city one big fort on heal call mehrangarh fort and also one n only in jodhpur big zoo u can see many animals and beautiful market..
I like it