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World India Rajasthan Nagaur
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India Rajasthan Nagaur

About Nagaur

Nagaur is a silent city in the state of Rajasthan and has plenty of temples and forts to explore. Other than these historical sites it offers a grand view of the sand dunes. It is a perfect place to indulge in sand dunes adventure as well camel safaris. More famous with the foreigners but off late has been in the list of Indian travelers too.

Well connected by road as well as Train, mostly travelers prefer to visit yet another majestic city in Rajasthan which is Jodhpur and turn their caravans toward the sand dunes of Nagaur. Once in Nagaur the first place to visit is the Nagaur fort made out of Sandstone. It is the most convenient thing to do as it houses the other attractions of the city like the Tarkeen Dargah and the Jain temple.  Tarkeen dargarh has been very famous amongst Muslims as they consider this dargarh as auspicious as the Dargah in Ajmer. And the Jain temple is yet another architectural delight which is full of glass work that grips everyone who steps into the temple.

While staying at Nagaur it would be best to opt for the hotels that have been carved out of forts like Khimsar fort on the Jodhpur highway or opt for the tent camps on the dunes that is just an out of the world experience. Do enjoy the entertainment at any of the locations that would enthrall the visitors with the Rajasthani folk song and dance. Perfect would be to sit in the dunes and listen to the folk songs with the sun setting in the backdrop. Indeed a royal and grand experience.

Before one ends the trip to Nagaur it is worthwhile to drive down to the Makarana marble sites where you can pick some beautiful artifacts made out of marble. Another 25 Km from Makarana is the Kuchaman city that is proud to present an age old yet effective water harvesting system installed in the fort.

Culminate the trip by relishing some Mirchi(Chilli) Pakoras of Nagaur that will surely ensure that the taste as well as the surroundings stays afresh in your minds and souls.

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