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Ahmadabad is one of the important and metropolitan cities of India that is known to be most visited by tourists throughout the world. With a population of more than 5.8 million the city is found to be the fifth largest city of India. Ahmadabad is also the former capital of the Indian city Gujarat and is a major centre of textile industry. In fact its utmost importance can be realized through the nickname it has earned, Manchester of the East.

A standout amongst the most prominent manifestations of dish in Ahmedabad is a normal Gujarati Thali, comprising of roti, dal, shaak and rice, with backups of papads and pickles. Drinks incorporate buttermilk; sweet china incorporate laddoo, mango, and vedhmi. There are numerous restaurants, which serve a wide cluster of Indian and universal foods. A large portion of the sustenance outlets in the city serves just veggie lover nourishment, as an in number convention of vegetarianism is supported by the city's Jain and Hindu groups due to their religious convictions.

Your excursion will be fragmented without going by this place. For Shopping in Ahmedabad there is an incredible place to visit regarded as C.g Road. This place is a customer's heaven particularly in the event that you like fabric, for example selective saris (Traditional dress for Indian ladies), quilts, and different painstaking work, for example the city's renowned worldwide Zari (Gold/silver powder) weaving. This is the spot for purchasing materials & when you change over into USD it will be exceptionally shabby.

Ahmedabad has a warm dry atmosphere, aside from blustery seasons. The spot opportunity to visit the spot is from October to March. Winters (November to February) offer a mellow blustery cool atmosphere. It is exceptionally enjoyable and handy for all vacationer exercises. In winter the normal temperature goes in the thirties.

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Travel Guide
People are friendly and helpful, but sensitive about their traditions and culture. Be careful of the words you use and respect the local culture.
Travel Guide
Pickpockets are common in buses and public places. Don’t loiter around with too much cash.

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