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World India Gujarat Bhavnagar


Type of Destination
Historical, City
Languages Spoken
Gujarati, Hindi and English
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India Gujarat Bhavnagar

About Bhavnagar

The 5th largest city in the state of Gujarat, Bhavnagar was named after Bhavsinhji Gohil its founder during the year 1724. Bhavnagar is 198 KMs away from the state capital Gandhi Nagar. It is referred to as the land of emotion which is indicative from its name (Bhav- emotions, Nagar -city). This land is very famous for its beautiful beaches, numerous temples, rare architecture, attractive lakes, small forests, ecological parks, scenic charm, its rich biodiversity, historically important places and its trading opportunities make this place a wonderful destination. Locals of the city use one of the sweetest dialects of Gujarati language which known as ‘khathyavadi.

Places one must surely visit in the city are – Victoria Park, Barton library, Piram bet island, Black buck national park, various beaches, Gandhi memorial and Alang which is country’s greatest ship breaking yard. Being here provides us an opportunity to learn from our ancient history, culture, values and sense of natural beauty. When one happens to be here make sure you taste their variety of mangoes which are very famous. This place is wonderful destination as it caters to the interests of all age groups ranging from small kids (who enjoy going to beaches, forests, parks and museums) to old people (who would enjoy the experience of being in place which is full of temples and spreads its holiness). Enjoy the experience of being in a place which endows more than one can ever think of. Do not delay it any further. Make sure you book your tickets soon and be in this land of emotions, temples, mangoes and beaches. Enjoy!

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