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World India Gujarat Bhavnagar Piram Bet Island
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India Gujarat Piram Bet Island


Piram Bet Island is 28 KMs away from the city of Bhavnagar. The name of the island ‘Piram’ is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘param’ which means pure and sacred. One has to travel from Bhavnagar to a place called Gogha by road and then take a boat there to reach this Piram Bet Island. Its lush green beauty is sounded by the vastness of Indian west coast is known as the Jurassic park of India considering the case of ancient fossils in various layers of the island.

Piram Bet Island gives us an opportunity to see nature’s creations at its best. There are only a few families living in this virgin land so one cannot expect to have any kind of facility here, one has to carry all essentials along with them while tripping to this place. Prior permission has to be taken so that one can visit this place. Considering studies this would be an ideal place for all those who are into environmental studies, archeology, photography and geography. And for tourists and locals around the place this would be a great weekend destination. Due to the lack of facilities and accommodation we suggest you stay there just for a day otherwise it would be difficult. Enjoy it raw just the way nature created it.

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