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World India Gujarat Bhavnagar Alang
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India Gujarat Alang


Alang is known for India’s largest ship breaking yard located in Gujarat. It offers a wonderful opportunity to all those who choose to come here and witness this process of breaking enormously huge ships into smaller components. This yard is situated in the south eastern corner of the city. Around 20,000 laborers work 24*7 doing this strenuous job .the best time to visit this place is between October to March. this isn’t something one can see anywhere else , to witness this each one of us have to be here .one can also buy things (second sales )that are a part of the ship like – wooden furniture , sofas and anything that seems useful to you .Being here would be one of a kind experience to everyone . So make sure you plan your trip accordingly so that you can witness this process of breaking down. It is something unusual and rare, make the best out of this opportunity.

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