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World India Daman And Diu Diu
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India Daman And Diu Diu

About Diu

The island of Diu is a marvelous creation of god and is blessed with the 3S i.e. are the sun, sand and the sea. The island Diu is located on the southern tip of the Kathiwad peninsula and enclosed by the Arabian Sea. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and natural surroundings. The island is a small one and is spanned over an area of 39 sq. Km. It has a shoreline of 21 km, is separated from the coast by a narrow passage.

Topographically, the northern side of the island faces the state of Gujarat and has tidal, marshy and salt plains. On the other hand, the southern end has limestone cliffs, rocky coves and sandy beaches. Diu had been under the rule of many rulers and has been a part of many kingdoms during the medieval and the ancient times.

The island has excellent beaches, whitewashed churches, magnificent forts, colorful streets and an apt climate to offer a divine experience to the travelers. You can also enjoy the delicious seafood and cheap liquor available in the city. A number of tourists from Gujarat flock here to enjoy weekends. The fishing, tourism, liquor and salt industry are a major source of income for the local people. The island has many tourist attractions to visit. It also has a suitable climate to visit all around the year. The historical and architectural monuments, the golden colored sand beaches, blue seawaters, unspoiled surroundings and friendly local population make Diu a perfect escape for all ages.

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