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World India Gujarat Bhavnagar Victoria Park, Bhavnagar
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India Gujarat Victoria Park, Bhavnagar


Situated in the heart of the city Victoria Park covers an area of 500 acres which is located at a distance of 3 km from the city of Bhavnagar. Its rich biodiversity consists of different varieties of plants, animals, reptiles, birds  and mammals namely  snakes, porcupines, peacocks, hares, jackals and hyenas. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city this place, provides its visitors an opportunity to enjoy its natural beauty, bird watching, clicking pictures with a sense of happiness and calmness. There is a walking track inside the park which is used by locals during their daily walks.

Victoria Park in Bhavnagar also has a small, beautiful lake which tends to attract locals to this park. People of all age groups come here and enjoy with friends and family. The unique thing about this park isn’t its variety of plants or animals instead it is its very location. This is a triangle shaped land consisting of huge acres untouched by humans for their personal benefits. They here maintain a perfect balance between nature and human needs, this city becomes an example to all other cities in our country. One isn’t allowed to carry any food item inside the park as it can attract animals and cause trouble. This Park is open on all days. Enjoy its beauty and uniqueness with your loved ones.

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