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World India Maharashtra Panchgani
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India Maharashtra Panchgani

About Panchgani

In the hills, high above the Krishna River below lies the hill station of Panchgani. Once a home to Raj school children, the town has become something of a tourist stopover. Apart from being located in some of the most beautiful settings in India, surrounded by lush green hills and looking across the great expanse of water in the Dhom Dam. Panchgani and the surrounding area has a spectacular handful  of attractions, making it particularly attractive for those who wish to do something outdoors.

Sites of particular interest is the Sydney Point. It is located a short distance out of the village. Sydney point is placed on the apex of one of the hill peninsulas overlooking the Krishna valley. It’s a great place to view the surrounding landscape, including the Dhom Dam, and get an idea of the location.

Another attraction near Panchgani is the Table Land plateau, a natural rock formation. The Table Land is one of the largest and highest rock plateau’s in Asia. It’s location and large size, 99 acres to be exact, mean it protects the village from some of the more extreme monsoon weather reaching, and also acts as a natural vantage point for the surrounding hills.

Last, but not least, no visit to Panchgani would be complete without spending a day at the Sherbaugresort. Vested in the natural hills, overflowing with flora and fauna. There are three natural gardens and a clay molding workshop which offers visitors the opportunity to make their own pots.

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