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Kolhapur or Kolahpur is the cultural and religious pride of Maharashtra. The city is also known as the gateway of Kokan.Geographically, the city is nestled in the lap of Shayadari mountains and on the banks of the river Panchganaga. Kolhapur, known as 'Dakshin Kashi' is one of the most prosperous and joyous city of India in Southern Maharashtra in Western Ghats. The city is a mix of arts, aristocracy and civility. A tradition of heroism combined with a culture filled with  spiritualism, education and modernism. Kolhapur has a rich history and has lived through the regime of various rulers.

The city is also known as the city of gardens and palaces and is famous for the Mahalaxmi temple.  Chhatrapati Tarabai was the founder of this princely state. Though the state flourished under the regime of Rajarshi ShahuChhatrapati Maharaj and Rajaram Chhatrapati Maharaj.  Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj's reign lent a progressive spirit to the city and he extended his support to painting, sculpture, theatre, films, music, wrestling and crafts. Kolhapur with its countless shades  emerges as a city with a versatile personality and a chic cultural, historical and legendary past. The city is a home to some the country’s ancient text such as Padmapurana and the Skandapurana. The city has an influence of both Hindu and Muslim cultures. The Hindu era lasted till 1347, which was followed by the Muslim rule from 1347-1700.The city of Kolaphur is famous for Jaggery and Kolaphuri Chappals.The mouth watering Misal and Rassa are a food lover's delight.

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