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Panhala Fort is in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, about 20 kms from the city center. Panhala fort, one of the largest forts in Deccan region of India. The Bijapuri style of Sultanate is used for the architectural design. The fort has rich historical affiliation and has many stories that reflect upon its culture. The Archaeological Survey of India has noted and recognized many of its monuments. Panhala Fort has been exploited by a wide range of historical rulers and invaders. The fort had come up during the rule of Raja Bhoja the second in the 12th century.

The fort provides splendid views of the Sahyadri Range and is guarded by three double-walled gates. Throughout history, many political empires have lusted for the Panhala fort as it falls on a trade route connected to the Arabian sea. The fort had been occupied the Marathas, the Yavadas, the Brahmins, the Mughals and many more. Some of the most illustrious residents of the fort are Shivaji Maharaj and Tarabai.

There are many spots to explore within the fort complex such as the Andar Bavadi which is a hidden well. Tourists can also visit the Ambar Khana, Sajja Kothi and Dharma Kothi which are all ancient granaries. The Kalavanticha Mahal which was the female residence is also a well-visited spot. History buffs can also have a look at the Wagh Darwaza, the Teen Darwaza, and the Rajdindi bastion.

The fort was built by King Bhoja II in about 1178 and has been controlled by many rulers since then, including Shivaji, Aurangzeb and Tarabai. The fort is about 850 meters in height and is stretched to about 7.25 kms. Some of the important monuments worth visiting in the fort are Ganga Kothi, Sajja Kothi, Teen Darwaza, Andhara Bavadi, Konkan Darwaza, Ambarkhana, Dharma Kothi and several temples and tombs.

In the 19th century, the fort had come under the control of the Britishers. While under the British rule some rebels had tried to capture the fort but they had been unsuccessful and it had remained under the British rule until India’s Independence.

Panhala Fort has many amazing historical sites for all the curious minds who are always ready to learn more about the history and culture of the place. It is a very big fort and one can see all the major detailing kept in mind while making this fort. Some major attractions of the fort are

  • Andhar Bavadi: It is a three-storey structure hidden wall which was built to stop the rival attack.
  • Ambarkhana: It is situated at the centre of the fort and is made up of three buildings called the Ganga, Yamuna and SaraswatiKothis.
  • Dharma Kothi: This is an entrance and provides a staircase that leads to the terrace of the fort.
  • Teen Darwaza: It is of the three double gateways of the fort. The beautifully detailed and designed.
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