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World India Goa Mapusa
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India Goa Mapusa

About Mapusa

Mapusa is one of the main centres of tourism in Goa. Due to its close proximity to North Goa, it serves as a base for all the beaches located in the north. It is most often visited on Friday, for the Friday market when the entire city comes alive and scores of buyers and sellers throng the place. One should visit the Maruti temple and the Church of Our Lady of Miracles. Chapora Fort, Morjim beach, Kelkar Art Complex and the Reis Magos Church are within 10 km radius to Mapusa.

For the night lovers, Casa Bela and Pub offer good drinks and munchies. Unlike other cities, Mango Tree Mapusa offers volunteering opportunities for people to help the disadvantaged children. Although Mapusa is mostly residential area, there are accommodations available for stays.

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