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World India Karnataka Karwar
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India Karnataka Karwar

About Karwar

Karwar, an administrative center for Uttara Kannada District has both historical and natural significance. The town is located on the confluence of Kali River and Arabian Sea. Karwar, the town with tranquil beaches, scenic beauties, ancient forts and temples, Magnificent Oyster rock Light house, and many others is an important tourist destination in Karnataka State. The culture of Karwar has a significant influence of the British culture, as the town was served as the capital for British ruling the Kannada Province. Karwar was also ruled by the Portuguese and French rulers for a while. Karwar was involved with sea trade in ancient times. Tourists can come across the ruins of the Portuguese and French settlements.

Karwar also possess beautiful and pristine islands on its coastal lines which can be accessed by tourists through machine boats and ferry services from Karwar Port. Tourists are entertained by a variety of water sports like diving, swimming, snorkeling, etc. on the many beaches of Karwar. It has some distinctive hotels and resorts ranging from luxurious to budget-saving hotels. Jungle Lodges, Lotus River Seaside Resort, Majali Beach Resorts, etc. provides a pleasant stay for tourists. Many of these resorts and hotels offers package tours.

Tourists must taste some of the delicious Karwar sea foods which are prepared with specific spices and coconut paste. Hotel Amrut offers great sea food at reasonable rates. The mouth-watering desserts like Patoli, Modak, and Madgane must be tried out in the restaurants. Kismore is the best among the seafoods in town.

Sandalwood oil, incense sticks, wooden in-lay works, wooden toys, silk textiles are among the famous souvenirs of Karwar. Visitors can shop in Cauvery Art and Crafts Emporium in Sayaji Rao Road. Government Silk factory on Madhwacharya Road is the best place to get some silk clothes. Sandalwood Oil extracting plant in Ashokapuram is the best place to buy sandalwood oil and incense sticks.

Consider Karwar among your list of destinations while travelling to India. You surely will never regret.

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