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World India Goa Vasco da Gama
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India Goa Vasco da Gama

About Vasco da Gama

Named after the Portuguese founder Vasco Da Gama, this city is located in the west coast of India. It’s a plain city with the church of St. Andrews, built 400 years ago, being the most visited place. Vasco is famous for Murmagao Port which is 4 kms away. Bogmalo is the most famous beach and has luxury and mid-range hotels for accommodation.

The Naval Air Museum located in Vasco is a must visit for everyone and displays a fighter aircraft. One can also go for Kayaking or Diving in Vasco. Zuari beach, Japanese garden, Velsao beach, Baina beach, Santhgiri Ayurvedic Clinic and Spa and Vasco’s municipal market are the other attractions which the city has to offer. The best places to eat in the city include Z Rooftop Lounge Bar and Grill, Grapevine multicuisine restaurant, Anantashram, Pleasure Pie Cakes and Coffee and Ori Pan Asian Cuisine. Vasco is well connected and easily accessible from other cities of Goa.

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