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World India Goa Margao
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India Goa Margao

About Margao

Located in south Goa, Margao is the cultural capital of Goa. Nestled on the banks of River Sal,it is one of the fastest growing towns of Goa. The city has many sights and destinations. These include the Margao City Hall, 'Closed' Market, the municipal garden, Anna Fonte (natural springs), Old Market, Holy Spirit Church, grand colonial mansions (especially the Seven Gables House near the church), the chapel at Monte Hill, the Hindu crematorium or 'Smashan' and the Muslim burial ground or 'Kabrasthan'.

Margao features a tropical monsoon climate. During summers the temperature reaches up to 32 °C and in winters it is usually between 28 °C and 20 °C. The monsoon period is from June to September with heavy rain and gusty winds. Konkani is the most widely spoken language with Portuguese, English and Hindi also spoken. Longhuino’s, Tato and Gaylin are the most popular eateries to visit.

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