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Located at a distance of 14 KMs from Margao, Palacio do Deao estate is out of your fantasy land. It looks a lot like the kind of place you imagine living in, in your afterlife. To my eyes, it was a humble replica of the Garden of Eden. This estate covers a sprawling 11000 sq. feet by the Kushavati River. This house's architecture is the marriage between India and Portugal. Its present occupants, Ruben and Celia have done a fantastic job of preserving the essence of the house's beauty. They have also received oceans full of blessings from the innumerable foodie fans they have acquired by the scrumptious meals they make for their guests. 

The Palácio do Deão was constructed in the year 1787, by Jose Paulo, the Founder of Quepem town and the erstwhile dean of Church. This place stands as a representation of the Goan culture and tradition presenting the lifestyle of a bygone era at its grandest best. With numerous secret nooks and corners in the lush garden and the amazing antique decor, this estate looks a lot like the kind of place the protagonists in regency romances go for parties and have trysts in. Please don't miss out on the sights and the foodies must not miss out on the meal, so do come and say hi to the lucky couple who get to live in a piece of paradise.   

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