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Betul Beach , Malvan

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Beaches, Scenic
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Konkani, English & Hindi
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So green and so blue. That is the Betul Beach for you. Located in the south of River Sal, this beach is very interesting. Its waters are wonderfully shallow and is a safe bet for everybody, even the ones slightly afraid of sea-baths given the presence of the life-guards. It’s a lovely place for long walks and if the sun is on its way to go to sleep, then even better. That is not to rule out the time the sun is waking up.

One could walk to Colva through the Leela Hotel. You are most welcome to enjoy the sea-food at the modest but lovely local shacks that will take care of your things while you enjoy in peace at the beach. The tides are more low than high. Notwithstanding, there is the element of unpredictability when big waves might hit you in succession one after the other all of a sudden but usually not to your detriment. This beach is peace personified. It solitary and relatively untouched. You could silently go about your business of observing the local folks and emerge wiser because here people can be seen in their most authentic colors of the state's culture. Come to see Goa at its quietest best at Betul.

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