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World India Karnataka Belgaum
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India Karnataka Belgaum

About Belgaum

Bordering the states of Maharashtra and Goa, Belgaum is the fourth largest city of Karnataka State, Belgaum City was established by the Ratta Dynasty in 12th century. In ancient times, the city was termed as “Venugrama” which means “Village of Bamboos” in Sanskrit. Belgaum was ruled by various empires like Yadava Dynasty, Khiljis of Delhi, Hoysalas, Vijayanagar Empire, Bahmani Sultanate, Mughal and British. Belgaum district is a major producer of sugarcane. Maharashtra and Karnataka have a border dispute over Belgaum District.  Kittur of Belgaum District played a vital role in our struggle for independence. The major credit goes to Rani Chennamma from Kittur as she strongly opposed the British Raj in India. Shangoli Rayanna and Babasaheb supported Rani Chennamma in her advocacy for freedom.

Being an important historical place, Belgaum has been frequently visited by tourists from all around world. A warm welcome and a pleasant stay is offered by many hotels in Belgaum at reasonable prices. Some of which are Eefa Hotel, Hotel Ramdev International, Kshema Inn, Hotel Rakshit Internationals, and Hotel Raj Purohit.

The cuisine in Belgaum is very typically flavored with Karnataka. There are many restaurants within the locality like Kamat Lokaruchi, Sankam residency, Mithila, Zaika, Sun ‘n’ Sand, etc. which provides awesome tastes you surely will keep on coming back for.

There are many shopping malls in Belgaum where you can buy whatever you like for your family and friends. So, come and take a trip to Belgaum for an exquisite treat of a lifetime.

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