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Pattadakal offers a peek into the architectural marvel of Chalukya dynasty temples. Pattadakal is most prominent tourist spot in Bagalkot District of Karnataka State. This city has a series of Hindu temples all dedicated to Lord Shiva and a Jain temple. Inspite of located in Southern India, the monuments and temples found in and around Pattadakal are of both Dravidian Style and Nagara (Northern and Aryan) architecture style. Chalukya Style of architecture (mix of Dravidian and Nagara) can also be seen in Pattadakal. Situated on eastern banks of River Malaprabha, Pattadakal is renowned for historic temples and was declared by UNESCO as “World Heritage Site” in around 1987.

Pattadakal was the capital city of great Chalukya Dynasty. Most the temples here were established by Chalukya Empire in 7th and 8th century. In spite of being a small village, Pattadakal is a noted center for Chalukyan style of art and inscriptions. As per ancient inscriptions like Hammira Kavya and Singirajapurana Pattadakal was termed as Pattada Kisuvolal (Red Town), Pattashilapura and Hammirapura. Apart from Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas and Sindhas of Yelburgi also ruled Pattadakal. All temples including nine Shiva temples and a Jain Temple are located on the northern course of River Malaprabha. Since most of the temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Pattadakal might be a Shaiva Center in ancient times.

There are not any notable hotels to stay in Pattadakal. However, there are lots in Badami like KSTDC Hotel, The Heritage Resort, Hotel Badami Court, Rajasangam International Hotel etc offers pleasant stays for tourists who wants to visit Pattadakal.

There are many restaurants in Badami which provide delicious food. 

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