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If archaic travel bugs keep teasing, then Badami should be the perfect destination to calm them for a while. Formerly acknowledged as Vatapi this pre-historic town is an ode to India’s unparalleled, varied civilization and tradition. This amazing place which was once the capital of the invincible Chalukya dynasty is widely prominent for its bronze rock cut cave temples. Badami is located close to a wonderful red sandstone edge in North Karnataka, along a ravine at the foot of a rugged, beautiful red sandstone hill that surrounds Agastya Lake.

Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal delivered a portion of the best example of rock-cut caves and temples. These Badami is where an explorer will find that one thing that connects every traveler to an unknown nostalgia, and that is its amazing architecture. Badami is famous for rock cut caves, a fort and stunning temples with inscriptions and sculptures. The Badami Cavern consists of 4 outstanding caves, with Shaivite, Vaishavite and Jain influence. One is dedicated to Shiva, second and third to Vishnu while cave four is dedicated to the Lord Mahavira. These caves are embellished with stunning works of the Chalukya Empire. It is on these walls the Hindu Gods and Goddesses come alive, retelling tales of the vivid past of India. The Badami Fort is nestled right on the top of the hill across these caves, and legend suggests that Tipu Sultan’s treasury was once nurtured by this very fort. The climb to this fort is quite strenuous but still proves to be an interesting peek in the Ancient India.

Badami also has a magnetic cluster of temples, Bhuthanatha and Jambhulinga are one of the most visited shrines even in today’s date. Malegitti Shivalaya is the oldest temple in the area. 5th century Bhutanatha temple is a must visit being located in front of a small lake. The Archaeological museum at Badami has collection of sculptures from various eras including the notable Lajja-Gauri. Shiva is worshiped in the Bhootnath Temple as the God of Souls. The Agastyatirtha Tank, is known to be a scared water body, it is considered as blessed by the pioneers. The Archeological Museum in Badami showcases a decent accumulation of artifacts from Badami Aihole and Pattadakal. Jambulinga Temple, one of the most established in Badami, is given to the Trinity of Brahma (the inventor), Vishnu (the preserver), and Mahesh (Shiva, the destroyer). At last, the Badami Fort offers a decent perspective of the whole Badami ruins.

The Mallikaarjuna temples are a stunning sight to the eyes, planned and structured in a unique manner. It could be theatrical mythological legends, or a historical revelation or a profound appreciation for architecture, wherever the traveler’s curiosity lies Badami’s undermined beauty can quench a wanderer’s thirst for wonder.

Best time to visit is from October to February. Badami has a beautiful atmosphere with cool and dry winter. The vast majority of the rainfall happens amid the months of south-western monsoon. So the next time when the spiritual in you awakens, GET OUTSIDE and discover Badami.

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Nov 06, 2014
There are many monkeys in and around Badami, watch out for the gray langoors as they can be aggressive.
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