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Bijapur was once the humble abode of the royal dynasty of Adil Shahi. Bijapur lies in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. The city is well known for a variety of architectural monuments which have been established by Adil Shahi in 15th -16th century. The city, originally named Vijayanagara, was founded in the 10th century by the Chalukyas. By 1347, when the city was being ruled by the Bahmani Sultanate of Gulbarga, the city was referred to as Vijapur or Bijapur. Incidentally, the name originates from the word ‘beej’ meaning seed. In 13th century, the city was slowly undertaken by the Muslim Dynasty. It was under the rule of Adil Shahi when the city has undergone a major makeover by the monuments with rich architectural styles. During his period, the city had a series of constructions which resulted to 50 mosques, 20 tombs and a number of Palaces in Bijapur. As it so happened, the city proved to be the birthplace for historical, religious and cultural heritage.

Those who are interested in history will surely enjoy visiting the many palaces and tombs in Bijapur. The Gol Gumbaz mausoleum sits among tranquil gardens; the tombs of Emperor Adil Shahi, his two wives, daughter and mistress lie here. The Citadel is also an interesting sight for history buffs. The fortified segment once enclosed the royal durbar, gardens and palaces of the Adil Shahi reign. The Ibrahim Rouza, Jama Masjid, Archaeological Museum and Malik-e-Maidan are other popular sights. Mosques and temples in Bijapur provide a memorable experience. The Wildlife Sanctuary nearby the Bijapur Castle adds more adventures in your tour.

An important community that emerged, that of the Lingayats, founded by Basavanna, persists even today. The Lingayat Siddeshwara Festival is a prominent festival, spanning eight days during the months of January or February. The town even witnessed a Sufism movement. The Karnataka Government organizes the “Music Festival” in Bijapur where musicians and singers from all over India participate. The “Urs” festival of Asar Mahal is celebrated in the month of September every year. The Siddeshwara Car Festival which is celebrated in January is also famous among Hindus.
Typical South Indian foods are available in Bijapur. There are also other continental cuisines available in Bijapur. The city is famous for Mughlai and Hyderabadi cuisines as well. Tourists should not forget to taste some lip-smacking dessert of Bijapur, namely the Milk Cake. Tourists must never forget to carry along some local souvenirs from Bijapur. The city is renowned form Ilkal Saris, Guledgudda Handlooms, Lambani Jewellery, handicrafts and many others.

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Traveller Community User
Jan 30, 2014
Bijapur also is called Vijapur, so do not get confused when you read that on you ticket or hear someone say that.
Traveller Community User
Jan 30, 2014
Bijapur is famous for its hand-woven traditional Ikal saris.

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