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World India Maharashtra Solapur
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India Maharashtra Solapur

About Solapur

Solapur is famous the world over for its bed sheets and towels, the textile hub of the Nation shares sobriquets like “The City of the Hutatamas” and “The City of fruits”. It is also India’s heart and soul for power looms and cotton mills. It boasts of historical facts which are unparalled across the whole of India.

The only district, unique enough to have enjoyed independence even before the nation got its liberation from the British rule for 3  days from ninth of May to eleventh of May in the year 1930.The 4 freedom fighters responsible for the incidence were later executed by the British. In honor of these brave patriots the district is called The city of Hutatamas meaning Martyr. Another unique historical occurrence being that  Sholapur municipal Council was the premier municipal council in the whole of India to hoist the tricolor on a municipal council building as early as Sixth of April 1930.Another accomplishment being one of Central Governments Institute of Research on Pomegranates.

It is because of the district being one of the largest producers of pomegranates and grapes that it is also often referred to as the City of Fruits. The districts has many crowning achievements to boast of like the kirloskars kick starting the industrialization of the state by expanding their empire in solapur in 1900.the district also has the state’s largest industry of beedi production. Sri Siddheshwar is the premier deity of the city. The city hosts two very popular annual fairs, one called the “Nandidhwaj” procession held around the auspicious Makarsankranti and the second by the name of Gadda Fair in January.

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