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World India Karnataka Gulbarga
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India Karnataka Gulbarga

About Gulbarga

The beautiful city of Gulbarga is located in north-eastern part of Karnataka. The city is well connected through different modes of the transport. It is at a distance of 662 kms from the capital of the state. Gulbarga is a unique blend of cultural heritage and historical monuments. It is world-renowned for being the birthplace of the famous poet of Vijaynagar Empire called Purandara Dasa. The soothing and charismatic Carnatic music has its origin from this city. Earlier, the city was known as kalburi. The beautiful rivers named Krishna and Bhima flow through the city. Gulbarga lies in the Deccan plateau making the soil ideal for  cotton cultivation.

Gulbarga is an assortment of different tourist places to visit. The most famous of them being the Bhamani Fort, made by king Gulchand and reconstructed by Allah-ud-din Bahmani, who also introduced 15 new towers to its original structure. Another tourist spot to look out for when visiting the city is Khandar Khan’s Mosque and the Hirapur Mosque by Chandbibi in 1585.

In an excavation held in 2009 a rare sculpture of Mahvira Asoka had been recovered from Gulbarga. The painting has been discovered in the 2nd century at a Buddhist stupa situated at village called Kanganahalli in Chittapur Taluk. For spiritual seekers, you can visit the Jama masjid, which is located in the premises of the Gulbarga Fort and is the oldest in southern India.

The city of Gulbarga offers an enticing experience to the travelers looking for going back to the history.

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