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World India Karnataka Gulbarga Gottam Gutta
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India Karnataka Gottam Gutta


Thanks to the sincere efforts of the Government of Karnataka, we have an amazing destination to visit at Gottam Gutta or GottamGota. Located at a distance of 25 Kms from Zaheerabad and 7 KMs from Chandrapalli, this is a beautiful destination. It is not too frequented by tourists. Perfectly placed on the Chandrampally reservoir on River Bhima, this is a pearl for travellers. Gottam Gutta is 135 Kms away from Hyederabad and is a perfect place for a weekend getaway. It’s a beautiful forested area where anybody would love to camp and thoroughly enjoy a night of adventure with a whole bunch of friends. It’s like Mother Nature is there to cater to your excitement requirements and she positively smiles at you when she sees you all happy. The tourist spot is situated amidst the thick green trees and natural beauty makes it an ideal place for trekkers and adventurers. The Forests are a preferred destination for tourists, who are looking to spend some time closer to nature. There are some historical temples in vicinity.

Gottam Gutta is plush emerald and the huge water body always glows. It is like the sun and the moon have some sort of a scheme to make the surface perpetually sparkle. All you need is a book to read and a heart to let go of other thoughts. Time never flies faster and if you're in a mood to explore, you are quite lucky. This place has a gorgeous waterfall and beautiful tiny temples. There are decadent parks and adequate water facilities that have wonderfully been extended to the animals as well. So basically, everybody is happy and that shows since there is something magical about the place and you just cannot help feeling euphoric even you try really hard not to. Gottam Gutta is about 135 KMs from Hyderabad

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