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World India Telangana Secunderabad
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India Telangana Secunderabad

About Secunderabad

Sister City of Hyderabad, Secundrabad, (separated by a lake from its larger sibling), has a number of features significant to the visiting traveler.

The city itself is separated from Hyderabad by Husain Sagar Lake.  A man-made construction, the Husain Sagar Lake was originally conceived to supply drinking water to the twin cities. Since 1930, this hasn’t been a requirement and the lake is mostly used to prevent areas in the low lying surrounding area from the monsoon floods.

Often vaunted as a more serene version of Hyderabad, Secundrabad was a main colonial administration center. With heavy influence from the British, Secundrabad has much about the city and its history which can be traced back to the British Empire and it’s time here. A number of sites here are of national interest such as the cathedral and the clock tower. There are many hotels and eateries, especially in the Trimulgherry up to the standard of international visitors.

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